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The Atomic Chemistry Set is thoroughly designed to be the best chemistry set available. It includes the chemicals, equipment, and procedures to carry out the most interesting chemical reactions that science has to offer. 


*This is not a toy and is not intended for children. The chemicals included in the chemistry set are dangerous. Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and proper handling of chemicals.


*See description below for items that are included:

*Bottle sizes include 4.7mL, 15mL, and 30mL depending upon the chemical. Chemical quantities will vary. 


The laboratory equipment includes the following:


Professionally Built Wooden Box 
50ml, 150ml, 250ml Erlenmeyer Flasks 
150ml Boiling Flask 
50ml, 100ml, 250ml Beakers 
30ml Glass Bottle
Mini Gram Scale (0.01g)
18" Ring Stand 
3" Steel Ring 
(2) Glass Stir Rods
(5) Weighing Dishes 
(7) Test Tubes 
Rubber Stoppers 
Plastic Pipettes 
Lab Goggles 
Chemical Resistant Lab Gloves 
3M Particulate Mask 
Neodymium Magnet 
30cm Copper Wire 
Alligator Clips 
Experiments Book (PDF) 
32 Chemicals w/ MSDS's

Atomic Chemistry Set

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$460.00Sale Price

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